Biodegradable & Compostable Plastic Bags

garbage bag factory china

Our company is a garbage bag manufacturer in China. The garbage bags are manufactured with HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE resins within our manufacturing plant in China.

Depending on the uses of the trash bags

  • Household Trash Bag on Roll (Home, Office daily use)
  • Industrial Trash Bag (Construction, Civil)
  • Dog Poop/Waste bag
  • Medical Waste Bag (Medical files, Medical waste, Drug Store Checkout)
  • Compostable Bags

Depending on Bag Type

Special Treatment

  • Fragranced to creat a special smell
  • Metallocene added to make a bag super strong

HDPE LDPE Garbage Bag, Bin Liners, Plastic Bags

Our company produces all kinds of plastic bags including garbage bags, trash bags, refuse sacks, bin liners, HDPE LDPE bags, pet dog poop bags, medical waste bags, drawstring bags, drawtape bags and so on.