Plywood Supplier

In this article we will recommend you the plywood supplier of marine plywood, film faced plywood and so on.

Why Use Plywood not Solid Timber?

Because plywood is cheaper and easy to obtain. It is more stable in characteristic. Meanwhile, the plywood can be laminated with many kinds of colors so you can have your wardrobe made with more colors.

The solid timber looks better, but it is easy to warp or crack. So it is a bit risky to use solid timber to make furniture in some area. The laminated & veneered plywood are widely used in the making of cabinet and wardrobe.

How is plywood made?

Plywood is made with a multilayer core of softwood and a decorative hardwood face. This structure makes sure it is attractive and cheap at same time. The glue used is important for the formaldehyde emission of the panel. E1 is a must for China standard.

Most people think of wooden furniture and cabinetry is being constructed out of SOLID lumber. If you wish to build a 3’ x 5’ desk out of solid walnut; that would require at least a 3 foot wide slab of lumber – old-growth trees used to yield such wide timbers but today’s, sustainable forests (new growth) yield narrower timbers which would need to be joined together (side-by-side) to create the desktop and side panels. Hence plywood.

Plywood Types

  • Hardwood faced plywood
  • Melamine faced plywood
  • Film faced plywood – Phenolic Plywood
  • Marine plywood